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Unilever Chooses TPM PRO to Improve Productivity in More Facilities. 

Unilever is the leader company for consumer woods all around the world. Leading the Food business and the Home and Personal care markets, from comforting soups to warm a winter's day, to sensuous soaps that make you feel fabulous, their products help people get more out of life. 

They are constantly enhancing their brands to deliver more intense, rewarding product experiences. Unilever invests €1 billion every year in cutting edge research and development, and has five laboratories around the world that explore new thinking and techniques to help develop their products.

At every facility distributed on more than 150 countries their goal is continuos improvement so, they are working on TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) with great success and many important awards.

After the great sucess achieved on their facility of Gualeguaychu, Argentina, Unilever decided to use TPM PRO in other facilities. So, the facility of Tortuguitas, Argentina, will count at once with the most important KPIs, like OEE, Downtimes, Setup Times and other relevant index, that will help them to manage their shop floor while keeping their personel informed in "Real Time".

TPM PRO allows them to know in real time the eficiency of their proceses and to get quick reports and graphics of the Loss Tree and OEE with no human assistance.
This has been decisive for Unilever to choose TPM PRO because the automation of the reports solve in less than 15 seconds the work one person do in one week...

"TPM PRO helps us to know what´s happening minute to minute in our shop floor, where the looses are and to measure the result of the corrective actions" Says Marcelo Damota, TPM Leader.

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